Jane Austen Supper

My book club is worth all the work. I did this for my friends after we read Austenland.  I wanted a themed gathering so I chose a soup from the Jane Austen Era.  It was the soup that they ate in Pride and Prejudice, and it was labor intensive, which doesn’t bother me because I love to cook, but it did take two days!


Farley’s White Soup

Put a knuckle of veal into six quarts of water, with a large fowl, and a pound of lean bacon, half a pound of rice, two anchovies, a few pepper corns, a bundle of sweet herbs*, two or three onions, and three or four heads of celery cut in slices**. Stew them all together, till the soup be as strong as you would have it+, and then strain it through a hair sieve into a clean earthen pot. Having let it stand all night, the next day take off the scum, and pour it clean off into a tossing-pan. Put in half a pound of Jordan almonds beat fine, boil it a little, and run it through a lawn [fine cloth] sieve. Then put in a pint of cream, and the yolk of an egg, and send it up hot.
~ John Farley’s London Art of Cooking (1783)

Translation~ My interpretation

Handful size of veal or tender beef –I used boned in beef short ribs it was cheap at the store that day they didn’t have veal
A large Fowl –I used 2 Turkey Legs but you could easily use a chicken 
1 lb of bacon-
Half lb of rice – 1 1/4 Cup of Rice
two anchovies- I got canned but you can just as easily squeeze the equivalent of that in anchovy paste
a few peppercorns – like a 1 1/2 tablespoon
2 or 3 onions
A bundle of fresh Herbs-I put in a bundle of fresh Poultry Herbs blend but you could use oregano, thyme, rosmary, majoram etc.. a mix of those
*3-4 heads of celery cut up 

Stew them all together til the soup be as strong as you have it- I stewed it on low for about 4 hours
Strain it through a hair sieve- I used a colander with tiny holes
Let it sit overnight in an earthen pot then drain off the scum- I put it in the refrigerator over night and Farley was right there is a weird scum on it you must remove.
1/2 lb of Jordan Almonds beat fine- 1/2 bag almonds in the Vitamix baby beat fine in seconds!
Run it through a sieve- Strain it again
add a pint of cream and a beaten egg send it up hot- add pint of cream, beaten egg, warm it through and it is delicious

Add ground pistachios and pomegranate seeds to garnish- I loved this part because they just burst in your mouth with each spoonful and really add something wonderful to the soup.



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