A little perspective on Carpooling

My carpool worked well and it was very helpful until this week.  A mom decided to quit the carpool without any notice, any apology, any preface.  When I questioned her I got an earful.  It had nothing to do with me, it was about things going on in her life, but she was so livid that I wanted an explanation, or further clarity, and had no time or patience for me trying to navigate through my surprise.  She left me hanging the week I was going out of town, but that conversation went south fast.  She screamed at me and told me not to push her and threatened me.  She told me it had nothing to do with me or my child, but if I wanted it to be about that, then she would gladly make it about that! (she screamed all this) I felt like I was on the school playground and someone dropped their lunch box and said you wanna give me a reason to hit you, huh huh??

NO one has ever talked to me like that before!  I mean she only knows me from the place I live and a little and from carpool. No one has treated me that bad, that I can recall, (except some girls in 8th grade who told me to go do something to myself every day and then laughed, for half a semester when I moved to a new school.)  Not even my husband scolded me that much, even when I was really really naughty!

You think maybe she’s having a bad day, but the next conversations were equally as bad.  When I questioned her, and tried to let her know that I was not fond of the conversation we had previously, she hurled an insult at me and drove off!   Yes, I am slow to get it!  I think I tried to mend the situation and it made it worse.

So anyway, here is a photo dedicated to that special individual.


A little perspective on carpools:

Carpooling in Africa!  Seems slightly “inconvenient” .  Aren’t we spoiled jerks when we compare ourselves to the humility that abounds in other parts of the world?


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