Book Review Insomnia by J.R. Johannson Freaking Awesome!

Insomnia final

The high intensity world of Parker Chipp, a kid that can’t sleep but is compelled for some unknown anomaly to watch the dreams of the last person that he makes eye contact with, will have you feeling sleep depraved as well. Anyone knows the utter horror of not getting enough sleep, and the brutality of how that would compound night after night. I could totally sympathize with the protagonist. I loved the premise of the book and it was riveting up until the climax. The resolution fell slightly flat even with a well coordinated twist, because this book is so smart, all the characters are well rounded and vibrant, but the antagonist was a shell of a character, a little cliche, with a psychological outburst that was supposed to do the work of resolution. That may have been on purpose, but I want my villains as complex as my good guys. This honestly was one of my favorite books in this genre for almost the entire book. The author’s writing is very smart and the intricacies of the dreams and the layers, intrigued me as a reader and pushed me forward. No fluff here. It felt that the conflicts delivered breakneck speed at times and this is thrilling to the reader. Amazing Debut Novel. Much better written than most first time novels, and I love Parker Chipp, and his sidekicks and am excited that this is a series. I hope by word of mouth, this gets big, it deserves to.
Way to go J. R. Johansson!  **** Four stars


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