Fresh Hens’ Eggs and Creamy Grits in the Cookbook!

Hens Eggs and Creamy Grits in the Cookbook!

Happy New Year!

I am taking a tabletop photography class. I am learning to style food. I am not that great at it yet, because I am not willing to go to great great lengths for a shoot, yet. And, because my camera is on its very last legs! But, I am loving Grits and Eggs. My neighbor barters fresh hen’s eggs with me for bread. I have an unlimited source of bread, you see. So, I am able to bring her baked goods that delight and tickle her fancy, and she is able to give me fresh hens’ eggs, that are loving cared for and fed high quality foods. The actual eggs are even deeper orange than the photo indicates, but the photo exposure lightened them.
Grits are awesome because, corn is like crack for the brain. Pure sugar is very addictive.  If you’ve browses any corn syrup studies about rats and cocaine, like I have, you see that the rats choose corn syrup over cocaine every time. So by way of extrapolation, grits are corn, and they are like crack for my brain! I love healthy foods and all natural foods, but not at the expense of flavor. Things that have fat, and sugar in them, albeit natural and organic, tastes awesome. Don’t come looking for non-fat cooking around here! I have COOKBOOK in the title, because Christy Dorrity has accepted my recipe into her 3rd Book Bloggers’ Cookbook, Where I also review The Loom. The eggs and grits are something they would’ve probably eaten on a plantation in the South during slavery, and its my current breakfast fetish, so I decided to feature it with my book review. Also, Shella Gillus is an amazing author, and I can’t wait to see what else she may write!